Plum Flower Creations is designed for passionate souls who desire stylish accessories that will help them celebrate their individuality and manifest their own story. These versatile pieces are created by Meiling Bansee, a former marine biologist originally from the lush island of Trinidad, but who is currently living in sunny South Florida with her husband and two daughters. Meiling’s line of handcrafted accessories is inspired by a variety of influences that range from a childhood of traveling back and forth between The Caribbean and South Florida (always staying close to the ocean) to her diverse taste in music, passion for artistic expression and fascination with the sea and natural surroundings of the tropics. These colorful influences and the daily inspiration she absorbs from the people she meets, as well as her broadening travels, has inspired her to create unique, eye-catching pieces to help fulfill her desire to celebrate women, enhance their beauty and accentuate their own personal style while reflecting the multi-faceted nature in all of us. 

“It is amazing how accessories can bring together a look and evoke different emotions in the wearer, as well as the admirer. With that in mind, I wanted to create pieces that will enhance the beauty of the person who wears them while also reflecting the spirit and flair of the wearer.” – Meiling

What was once a part-time hobby reserved for when she wasn’t exploring the coral reefs of the world has now become a full-time passion and avenue of expression and philanthropy. By contributing a portion of sales to cancer and child related causes, which are especially close to her heart, Meiling is able to continue to fulfill her passion for empowering and adorning women while giving back to the community and those in need.

With each piece being intricately designed and handcrafted by Meiling in her home studio, each creation is inherently symbolic and unique. Worn by women all over the world, Meiling's pieces are as distinct as the individuals who wear them and continues to evolve even while attracting new admirers who wish to wear handcrafted and timeless jewelry that’s versatile and that sets them apart from the crowd. Through these whimsical designs and an attention to detail, Plum Flower Creations is poised to become an ever-expanding presence in the world of jewelry design.


plum flower creations Meiling Bansee